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Science 8: 8(A)
Instructor: Roberts, Mark   
Welcome Letter
August 14, 2015

Dear Students and Parents:

First of all, welcome back to school from what was hopefully a refreshing summer break.

Science classes have the primary goal of preparing students for the workplace of the future that has a need for scientifically literate citizens. Activities will center on the use of the scientific method and design processes in the STEM disciplines (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math.)
The 6th grade curriculum focuses on characteristics and responses of plans and animals, Earth’s climate and weather, and electrical and mechanical energy. GT students have several additional extensions in each of these units.
The 8th grade curriculum focuses on forces and motion, waves and their behaviors, Earth’s place in the universe, Earth’s systems and resources, Earth’s structural history, and the diversity of life. We will focus on developing the higher-order thinking skills needed to excel. Additionally, Comprehensive Health Education will be provided in the science classes during the entire 4th quarter. It will be a challenging, fast paced year!

Required materials include a notebook (spiral with perforated tear out pages is preferred), pencils, and a good attitude. The ability to keep an organized notebook is vital. Homework, class work, vocabulary and lab activities will be kept in the notebook. Keeping an up-to-date notebook is essential to receiving a good grade. Students are required to keep their notebook in journal form. Every page needs to be dated.

Grades are determined as follows:
-class work/projects/quizzes 30%
-tests 40%
-labs 20%
-homework 10%

As always there are needs for the classroom, including Kleenex, hand sanitizer, loose-leaf paper and paper towels. If you would like to donate any of these items, it would be greatly appreciated, with extra credit given.

Parents are encouraged to get their Power School login from Guidance so that they can track grades and assignments on School Fusion pages.

If you need to contact me, my planning period is sixth period, from 12:30 to 1:25daily. Our school’s phone number is 803-663-4300. If you desire a conference, please coordinate in advance to avoid scheduling conflicts. Email is the preferred method of contact at mroberts@acps.net Notes in the agenda are also a good way to communicate. Good communication between teachers and parents is essential.

Sincere regards,

Mr. M. Roberts
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